2017 Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer 850

Moto Guzzi’s motorcycle range expands with the arrival of the V9, a totally new mid-size custom bike, which comes in two versions with distinct styles and character the V9 Roamer and the V9 Bobber are Moto Guzzi’s easy cruisers, light, agile and built for excitement, like all Moto Guzzis, at Mandello del Lario the V9 Roamer, an evolution of the Nevada, is an elegant and universal custom; the V9 Bobber is the daring and essential soul of the V9. Both stand our for the exceptional quality of their components and high grade finishes the V9 sees the debut of the new 850 cc twin cylinder euro 4 engine, whose unprecedented torque, smoothness and responsiveness improve the ride of the two Italian cruisers, both extraordinary in the typical Moto Guzzi tradition.

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Type 90° V-twin, 4-stroke, 2-valves per cylinder
Cooling air and oil
Engine capacity 853 cm³
Bore and stroke 84 x 77 mm
Compression ratio 10.5: 1
Maximum power 40,44 kW (55 HP) at 6,250 rpm
Torque 62 Nm at 3,000 rpm
Fuel system Marelli MIU single-body electronic injection, integrated management of traction control on 2 levels
Starter electric
Exhaust system stainless steel, 2-in-2 type, three-way catalytic converter with double lambda probe
Emissions compliance Euro 4
Gearbox 6 speeds with final overdrive
Gear ratio values 1st 16/39 = 1: 2,437
  2nd 18/32 = 1: 1,778
  3rd 21/28 = 1: 1,333
  4th 24/26 = 1: 1,083
  5th 25/24 = 1: 0,96
  6th 28/24 = 1: 0,857
Primary drive with helical teeth, ratio 21/25 = 1: 1.190)
Final drive double universal joint and double bevel gear units (8/33 ratio = 1: 4,125)
Clutch Ø 170 mm single disc with integrated flexible couplings
Chassis ALS steel twin tube cradle frame
Wheelbase 1480 mm
Trail 125.1 mm
Headstock angle 26.4°
Steering angle 38°
Front suspension traditional fork, Ø 40 mm
Front wheel travel 130 mm
Rear suspension swingarm with double shock absorber with adjustable spring preload.
Rear wheel travel 97 mm
Front brake stainless steel floating disc, Ø 320 mm Brembo opposed four-piston callipers
Rear brake stainless steel floating disc, Ø 260 mm Brembo opposed two-piston callipers
Wheels Aluminium alloy
Front wheel rim 2.50” x 19” 
Rear wheel rim 4.00” x 16”
Front tyre 100/90 R 19” 
Rear tyre 150/80 R 16”
System voltage 12 V
Battery 12V – 18 Ah
Length 2134 mm 
Width 722,4 mm 
Height 1110 mm
Saddle height 30.5"
Curb weight


 ± 440 lbs


Fuel tank capacity 3.96 US gallons
Reserve 1 US gallon

Custom motorcycles are nothing new in nearly a century of Moto Guzzi history. Indeed this segment includes some of the most famous, best loved and biggest selling Mandello bikes, of which the California is the undisputed queen. Following in the tradition and the success of this 1971 model, Moto Guzzi designed and built mid-sized bikes to meet the demands of a growing range of users. These included the V35 Custom from 1979, later replaced by the higher performance V50, in turn superseded by the V65 Florida, and then the famous and much loved Nevada, launched in 1989 on the basis of the tried and tested V75 of 1985. This continued all the way down to 2007 with the modern and stylish Bellagio.

Three essential features deriving from a unique motorcycle culture, are common to all generations of custom Moto Guzzis:

  • Highly customised design, in which the special and unique engine configuration plays a decisive stylistic role and is very much at the centre of attention, just like the sinuous tank and low exhaust pipes;
  • The legendary 90° transverse V-twin engine, introduced in 1967;
  • Riding pleasure in all conditions, due to the famous excellent ride qualities common to all the Moto Guzzis that have captured the hearts of generations of users around the world.

That same motorcycle culture inspires the two new Moto Guzzi motorcycles. The V9 Roamer is a universal easy and intuitive custom, beautiful to the eye and rewarding to ride, full of unique details and outstanding finishings. The V9 Bobber expresses an altogether darker and more nocturnal soul. It has big tyres and a total black look. The new V9s come in two models with very different personalities, one sunnier and more classic, the other more mysterious and sporty, a distinction introduced by Moto Guzzi in 2012 with the California 1400 Touring and its Custom version and, more recently, continued with the arrival of the Eldorado and Audace.

V9: feel the quality

With such explicit references to style and technology recurrent throughout the history of Moto Guzzi, the new V9 could only be beautiful, fun and safe. In particular, Moto Guzzi sought to create a design that would complement the sculpturesque shape of its new 850 twin-cylinder. The designers also paid attention to perceived quality: Exceptional care has gone into the finish and components on the V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber. They represent a new way of conceiving the medium-sized motorcycle. The use of top quality materials such as steel and aluminium is obvious to the touch, while plastic parts are reduced to a minimum. The metal teardrop fuel tank on both V9s, with its 15-litre capacity, is finished with a fine coating with the Moto Guzzi logo on top, protected by clear varnish. The front and rear fenders are made of metal like all Mandello del Lario’s custom motorcycles since the 1970s. However, the side panels, petrol cap and brake and clutch levers are in lightweight aluminium. The electric blocks are also made of aluminium, as are the rider’s forged footrests. 

The welds of the new frame are immaculately finished as is the quality of the paintwork. The same goes for the meticulous details of the new 90° transverse V-twin engine, not only in the casting but also the matt black that brings out the Moto Guzzi branding milled on the aluminium cylinder head covers. It pays to look at the intimate details of these two motorcycles, which convey the entire build tradition and culture so typical of the best Moto Guzzi models.

V9 Roamer: Moto Guzzi’s cosmopolitan custom

Versatility has always been a key factor in the success of custom Moto Guzzis. Guzzi enthusiasts have ridden the big California as well as the small Nevada down busy city streets and, with a few modifications for luggage, on long and adventurous journeys. The new V9 Roamer picks up on the legacy of the legendary Nevada 750, still in the range, with updates, after over 20 years. Glamorous, easy, convenient and rewarding to ride, like all Moto Guzzis, the V9 Roamer is the Italian custom bike dedicated to the citizens of the world. The Piaggio Group Style Centre developed the design, with input from the PADC (Piaggio Advanced Design Center) in Pasadena (California), the birthplace of motorcycle trends that spread to the corners of the earth. The V9 Roamer is a superb combination of a classic and essential style with high-level finishings, showing off the unique architecture of the new 850 twin-cylinder. Great care has gone into the details of the new wheel rims (19″ front and 16″ rear) painted in matt black and treated with a diamond-cut finish, as well as the new multi-function digital dashboard with a single circular dial. On board comfort is provided by a comfortable and relaxed riding position, which is nevertheless active and suited to getting the most out of the ride qualities of the V9 Roamer. The long padded seat, decorated with the Moto Guzzi logo stitched with grey thread has a ground clearance of just 775 mm and is combined with a raised chrome handlebar and the correct placement of the forged aluminium footrests. This triangulation thus offers all bikers riding comfort, ease of handling of the vehicle when stationary and feeling during dynamic riding. The V9 also continues Moto Guzzi’s successful tradition of keeping the overall weight to a minimum. If the V7 II and California 1400 are already among the lightest bikes in their respective segments. The V9‘s weight of around 200 kg is a true record for its class. The reduced mass, combined with the V9 Roamer’s superb riding quality and great low-end torque offered by the new 850 two-cylinder, gives feeling, handling and unique riding pleasure. The V9 Roamer is a true mid-size light motorcycle, not just for people who love and know Moto Guzzi motorcycle culture, but also for anyone who has always loved the design of custom motorcycles, but has never bought one because of the weight and poor handling of almost all models in the sector.

New 850 twin-cylinder Moto Guzzi engine

The V9 Roamer and the V9 Bobber have a new power unit, as usual built at the Moto Guzzi plant in Mandello del Largo. This is of course a 90° transverse V-twin air and oil cooled engine, a set-up used in all current Moto Guzzi engines, albeit with different engine capacities and performance, which provides excellent riding dynamics and a unique sound. It was developed with the explicit aim of maximising torque and elasticity, key aspects for ensuring riding pleasure and on road fun. Starting from the bottom of the engine, the new aluminium crankcase stiffened at the key points, has a new oil pan and an inertia calibrated crankshaft for liveliness and the correct engine braking. Inside the lubrication system is designed to dispose of the greater heat capacity and reduce power absorption to the benefit of both performance and fuel consumption. The ventilation system reduces power loss due to pumping within the crank chambers and a new low flow oil pump that absorbs less power. The oil pump suction pipe is new as is the bypass valve. There are new piston cooling oil jets with check valve and flow management. The alternator cover is also new and now includes the blow-by gas output.

In the upper part of the engine, the thermodynamics are completely new. Aluminium heads, pistons and cylinders are designed to make the most of the engine’s characteristics. Its cubic capacity is provided by bore and stroke values of 84×77 mm. Distribution is controlled by a pushrod system and there are two valves per cylinder set at an incline in the head (and no longer parallel, as on the V7 II engine). The fuel supply uses a one-piece Marelli electronic injection system. The electronic engine control unit is new. Of note is the presence in the entrance heads of the auxiliary air system, which, combined with the three-way catalytic converter, the double oxygen sensor and the total redesign of the engine, bring the twin 850 Moto Guzzi into compliance with EU4 standards. The unit is capable of 62 Nm of torque at just 3,000 revs/min, with a maximum power of 55 HP at 6,250 r/min, figures ‚Äč‚Äčthat show Moto Guzzi’s commitment to achieving high levels of torque even at low rpms. This engine boasts surprising a character and responsiveness, which contribute to a really exciting riding experience. A version with the power limited to 35 kW is available, in line with the restrictions of an A2 licence and ideal for new Guzzi riders, who can also enjoy a record low total weight and the general ease of riding of both V9s.

Another innovative aspect of the 850 Moto Guzzi engine is the 179 mm diameter single dry plate clutch, providing a perfect transmission of torque and power with no jerkiness or hesitation. This increases robustness and reliability over time and decreases the load on the handlebar lever, for better controllability and riding comfort. The six-speed gearbox is new, precise and with a soft clutch, which benefits from unprecedented ratios that make the most of the torque and engine power. The final transmission is carried out by a new double-jointed drive shaft offset by the increased size and the new bevel gear, which provides solid and reliable management of the powerful torque supplied by the twin engine. The cast aluminium swingarm has been designed and sized to support engine performance, as well as to accommodate the new 150 mm tyre.

2016 Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer

Chassis architecture: the quality of the Moto Guzzi tradition

Carlo Guzzi was probably the first person to grasp the importance of a frame able to exploit the full potential of the engine and a suspension unit that responds perfectly to the imperfections in the road surface. Indeed, the Norge GT of 1928 was the first motorcycle with a “spring frame”, equipped with front and rear suspension, bringing enormous advantages in terms of safety and riding pleasure. The Moto Guzzi tradition is replete with models recognised for their excellent ride qualities. In terms of custom motorcycles, we should really mention the California, which in 1970, under the name V7 Police, was bought by the LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department) after a series of tough tests.

On the back of this tradition, Moto Guzzi now builds motorcycles like the V7 II and the fleet of the big 1400s, which are real benchmarks in terms of handling in their respective segments. The V9 is the latest jewel from Moto Guzzi for riding pleasure and effectiveness. The new steel twin tube cradle frame creates optimal weight distribution on the front and rear of the engine, thereby providing the rideability and dynamic balance typical of all motorcycles built at Mandello del Lario. The designers paid special attention to the front, which has gussets in the steering head and new slope and trail abilities, making for a superb ride with the perfect combination of handling and stability, as well as precision and feeling.  In addition the entire structure benefited from care and finishing of the details, including welding and painting. The suspension is also new, using traditional long-travel (130 mm) inverted forks and a new pair of spring preload adjustable shock absorbers connected to the frame, which provide a gradual and controlled response at all times. The braking system is dedicated to the V9: the forecarriage has a new pump and Brembo opposed four-piston callipers against a 320 mm steel disc. At the rear a pump with integrated tank activates a 260 mm disc and a two-piston floating calliper.

Equipment: all for safety and riding pleasure

Like all recent Moto Guzzis, the V9 also has a full set of advanced electronic systems, placed very discreetly inside the vehicle, making riding safer and easier. The motorcycles come with a standard advanced two-channel ABS, non-invasive in normal riding, but that prevent the wheels from locking when really needed and the well-known MGCT (Moto Guzzi Traction Control), Moto Guzzi’s advanced traction control integrated with the electronic engine management system and adjustable in two different levels of operation and that are deactivable, ensuring better grip of the rear tyre on any road surface, reducing engine torque if necessary through a reduction of the advance of the engine. Other standard features include an immobiliser and USB port located under the steering head, useful for charging external devices.

The new electronic instrumentation, with a single circular dial, is also consistent with the style of the two the V9s. The speedometer has an analogue dial, while all other information is contained in the digital box: odometer, partial trip and daily trip (with automatic reset after eight hours after shutdown), the trip time, instantaneous and average fuel consumption, clock, outside temperature, average speed, MGCT level, in addition to the gear position and shift indicator, whose idle and maximum value can be adjusted by the user. In this way the rider can keep a check on a determined range of engine revolutions, for example during the run-in, or to minimise fuel consumption. The extensive catalogue of accessories includes the MG-MP, the Moto Guzzi multimedia platform that connects a smartphone to the vehicle to provide an exceptional quantity of information useful for the journey.

Moto Guzzi Media Platform connects the V9 to the world

An optional multimedia platform is available for Moto Guzzi V9 Roamer and V9 Bobber riders. MG-MP is an innovative multimedia system that allows you to connect the bike to your smartphone and consequently to the web. With this application, downloadable free from the App Store and Google Play, your smartphone (iPhone or Android) becomes an actual sophisticated on board multifunctional computer and the link between the vehicle and the Internet.

The wireless connection allows you to simultaneously view a set of vehicle information on a smartphone screen, so you can constantly have an eye on the travel parameters. {0>The smartphone’s touch screen allows you to view five parameters of your choice at a time, selected from a vast menu and including the speedometer, rev counter, instant power, instant torque, instant and average fuel consumption, average speed and battery voltage, longitudinal acceleration and extended trip computer. The “Eco Ride” feature helps to limit fuel consumption and to maintain eco-compatible riding conduct, providing a brief assessment of the results obtained during the trip.

You can record trip data and review them on your computer or directly on your smartphone, analysing the distance covered together with the vehicle’s operating parameters.  The system also allows you to easily locate your vehicle when you park in a strange place, automatically saving the position where it was switched off. MG-MP includes the “Grip Warning” function which replicates the indications on traction control operation for maximum visibility and provides information in real time on your riding performance with relation to the road surface conditions. A dedicated indicator light warns in the event of excessive use of available grip. Thanks to the synergistic use of gyroscopes and the information coming from the vehicle, the smartphone becomes a sophisticated instrument to measure the lean angle in turns thanks to algorithms developed specifically for the new Moto Guzzi. The limit thresholds can be set both for lean angle as well as vehicle and engine speed. When these limits are exceeded the relative indicator lights will come on or the virtual dashboard will flash.

The new V9s can be widely customised from the vast range of genuine Moto Guzzi accessories. Moto Guzzi designs and engineers the parts that undergo strict testing cycles, like any other original motorcycle component, in order to ensure quality and reliability. They are perfectly interchangeable with standard parts and allow for easy restoration of the motorcycle to its original state. They are rigorously approved and thus totally “street legal”, allowing you to customise your bike without voiding the warranty.

The more classic style of the V9 Roamer is customisable with a range of accessories for tourism, such as the set of leather saddlebags and a single bag (always in leather) to be fitted on a dedicated chrome luggage rack. There is also the protective fairing, a twin seat with gel inserts and a set of additional lights for the ultimate in ride comfort. There is a wide range of choice of parts in special high-quality aluminium billet, including the tank cap with lock, grips, brake and clutch levers, the covers of the rider and passenger footrests, the gear and rear brake pedals and the pair of rear-view mirrors. Another feature is the authority-approved exhaust unit that makes the sound of the new 850 twin-cylinder even more attractive.

I got to see the V9s early in their development. You see, in July of 2014, Moto Guzzi invited me to join a handful each of Americans, Italians, and other Europeans as 3 groups assessing early developmental versions of these bikes.

It was a remarkable experience, as we could see aspects of both style and function being tested. It was sometimes difficult to know what was meant to be a finished concept and what was somewhat cobbled just to represent a developing idea. One thing for sure, the one engine I saw, having a V7 cylinder on one side and a V9 on the other was just for show! Would that have been a V8?

Some think that the V9s are just bigger V7s but that’s not the case at all. I think the idea was to build models that would be for different styles of riders. I think of the V7s as sportier and the V9s as a bit roomier and rangier and a little more cruiser-like.

It’s amazing how very new the V9s are. The engine top end is completely new, as are the clutch and driveshaft. The engine bottom end and rear drive are much massaged from the V7 and the transmission was new just last year on the V7 IIs, but here with revised ratios for the bigger engine’s power. The handlebar switchgear and instrumentation are new for the first time since the fuel-injected 750s first arrived in 2003.

Riding a V9, it feels bigger yet lighter than a V7. It’s an illusion, probably because the bike seems larger overall but is lower in the seat and hardly heavier than the V7, and so lighter feeling for its size. The V9 definitely feels more relaxed at freeway speeds.

Is the V9 a better bike? No, it is a different bike. Some will like one; some will prefer the V7. Some have already asked when the V9 Racer will arrive. I don’t think that will happen, as the V9 engine isn’t as revvy and so more like a cruiser and less like a sport model.

Everyone seems to want to compare them. I say, please do!

Dave Richardson

Available Colors
White, Yellow
Stock Status
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MSRP: $9,990.00
Less rebate: -$1,000.00
Sale price: $8,990.00
Freight: $450.00
Set-up: $310.00
Document fee: $50.00
Tax: $1,123.20
License: $210.00
Total: $11,133.20

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