Used 2015 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX 1200 ABS

VIN: ZGULZU016FM200091

Approx. miles: 21,750

Price: $8,995.00 plus tax, document fee, and title transfer/license renewal unless verified out-of-state resident

Price reflects a 2% discount for payment by cash, check, wire transfer, direct deposit, debit card, or through financing.


Heidenau tires

Hot grips

Upgraded driving lights

Transferable factory warranty to 10-30-17



Type: 90° V-twin engine, 4-stroke
Cooling: Air and oil and, independent cooling pumps
Engine capacity: 1,151 cc
Bore and stroke: 95 x 81.2 mm
Compression ratio: 11:01
Maximum power: 105HP (77 kW) at 7,250 rpm
Maximum torque: 83.3 Ft. Lbs. (113 Nm) at 5,800 rpm
Fuel supply / Ignition: Multipoint sequential electronic ignition, Magneti Marelli IAW5A phased, alfa-n system; two Ø 50mm throttle body, Weber IWP 189 injectors, two lambda probes.
Exhaust system: stainless steel, 2-in-1 type, three-way catalytic converter with lambda probe


Gearbox: 6-speed
Final drive: Compact reactive cardan shaft drive system (CA.R.C.); double cardan joint and floating bevel gear seat, drive ratio 12/44 = 1: 3.666
Clutch: single-disc with integrated anti-vibration buffer
Chassis: High yield strength tubular steel with integrated engine
Wheelbase: 60.4 in. / 1,535 mm
Trail: 4.92 in. / 125 mm
Headstock angle: 27°
Steering angle: 34°
Front suspension: completely adjustable USD fork (spring preload and hydraulic compression and rebound damping) with 45 mm diam.
Front wheel travel: 6.69 in. / 170 mm
Rear suspension: single arm with progressive linkage, monoshock with adjustable hydraulic rebound damping and spring preload adjuster knob
Rear wheel travel: 6.10 in. / 155 mm
Front brake: Brembo 320 mm stainless steel floating double discs, radial calipers with 4 horizontally opposed pistons
Rear brake: Brembo 282 mm stainless steel fixed disc, floating caliper with 2 parallel pistons
Wheels: Light alloy (tubeless, spoked)
Front wheel rim: 2.50” x 19”
Rear wheel rim: 4.25” x 17”
Front tire: 110/80 R19”
Rear tire: 150/70 R17”


Length: 88.53 in. (2250 mm), 41.33 in. (1,050 mm)
Height: 58.26 in. (1,480 mm)
Saddle height: 32 – 33 in. (820-840 mm) adjustable
Minimum ground clearance: 8.26 in. (210 mm)
Curb weight (Ready to Ride): 598 lbs (272 Kg)
Fuel tank capacity: 8.5 Gallons (32 liters), 1.8 Gallons (Reserve) / 7 liters (Reserve)


These characteristics emerge immediately once you are seated on the bike, where the perception of carefully-designed ergonomics can be felt straightaway: saddle, footrests and handlebar form a perfect triangle for all users. Moreover, for the perfectionists, there is still room for minor adjustments: windshield, saddle height (32 or 33 inches), handlebar inclination, levers, pedals, as well as race-style adjusters for hydraulic compression/rebound damping. In a few seconds, everything is at the right place to face any challenge, from city traffic to the most inaccessible off-road paths. In motion, reduced vibration and the efficient aerodynamic protection offered by the new top fairing and windshield and original side wind deflectors ensure riding comfort for rider and passenger as well, ideal to tackle long trips.

The NTX features more protection for the motor and the rider alike. Aluminum crash bars protect the oil sump, engine, and cylinder heads. While hand-guards and the extra large windshield with additional wind deflectors offer more protection and comfort for the rider. A bike dedicated to long haul travellers naturally needs luggage space, hence the spacious aluminium panniers and additional halogen lights.

Major improvements are also found in the controls, with a new dashboard including a 12V power outlet, a new fuse box compartment, dashboard and instrument panel with new rpm indicator graphics and a dash display with six-mark fuel indicator that integrates with on-board computer functions such as average and current consumption, average speed, trip time, maximum speed peak reached and diagnostics. The display also lets you activate the ATC system (traction control system), fitted as standard on both models.


The Stelvio 1200 NTX tackles a twisty mountain pass or a gravel strewn fire road with equal aplomb. The secret is the new upper twin spar frame, made of high-strength steel, with 2.5mm thick directional tubes, where the engine is anchored through six connecting points, two more than in usual frames, which give high rigidity to the assembly.

Chassis positions have been defined to facilitate handling, a headstock with a 27° inclination for a 125mm trail, improved by a 60.4 inch/1535mm wheelbase which guarantees impeccable handling. The fully adjustable 45mm USD Marzocchi fork with 170mm of travel ensures an instant, smooth response. At the rear, a rebound and preload adjustable Sachs monoshock supports 155mm of travel. The refinement of the suspension guarantees a neutral setting at all times. When accelerating out of a corner, and the action of the 105 horsepower generated by the new “Quattrovalvole” engine is requested, or when braking, under the quick deceleration generated by the three-disc Brembo braking system supported by the selectable Continental ABS, fitted as standard on NTX. The Stelvio NTX sports 320mm double disc front brakes with a new holder flange, while retaining a 282mm brake disc at the rear. The wheels boast a cutting-edge designed set of light alloy rims with a 150/70-17 rear tire. Tubeless spoked wheels (patented Alpina STS system) come standard on the NTX.


The Stelvio 1200 NTX boasts the latest evolution of the "Quattrovalvole" engine”, introduced in 2006 and universally acknowledged as the most advanced version of the V-shaped 90° transverse twin-cylinder. This highly sophisticated mechanical gem, which is unique in terms of both architecture and engineering clarity, is built using advanced componentry and technical solutions.
The 1200cc 90° V-Twin boasts the following advances:
• Raised cam profile single camshaft timing system driven by silent "Morse" type chains” with hydraulic chain tensioners
• Forged pistons with three rings cooled by oil jets in the crankcase
• Ultra-light valves in special alloy steel with 5mm stems
• Conical valve springs that eliminate resonance and power loss at high engine speeds
Lubrication and cooling are ensured by two coaxial pumps that circulate lubricant through a separate duct in the head up to the exhaust valve seats, where the highest temperatures develop. The cylinders feature an extremely modern design, with the cooling fins tapered toward the front of the cylinders, while the valve covers - which proudly flaunt the “Quattrovalvole” moniker - feature a floating mounting system to reduce mechanical noise.
As far as the fuel system goes, the "Quattrovalvole" engine premiers the new Marelli IWP 189 injectors located on the intake ducts of the sizeable 50mm throttle bodies, whereas the brand new integrated ignition and injection ECU now exploits the signals sent by the two lambda probes to guarantee adequate fuel metering throughout the entire combustion cycle, improving response to the throttle control, mid range power delivery further to consumptions and emissions. In terms of electronic components, the new Stelvio 1200 NTX debuts the ATC system (traction-control system) providing the rider with confidence in poor riding conditions.
The gearbox is a genuine six speed mechanical gem that excels for quietness, an easily selectable neutral position and precision, thanks also to the quiet and smooth single plate clutch.

I was not pleased with the Stelvio in its first year here, 2009. It seemed I had to keep answering the same frustrating questions. People would ask why it didn’t have ABS (To make the MSRP lower). And what’s that goofy-looking loop off the back? (A luggage rack) Oh, does it flip up like the one on the Buell Ulysses? (No) Showing them the little camera compartment always lead to a question if the left side opened up too (No). Why not? I (I don’t know). Then they would comment that they’d rather have a bigger gas tank than a glove box. We also learned that first year that the valve covers were fragile and stuck out if dropped without crashbars installed. Oh, and the powerband of the engine was a little thin down low, coming on like gangbusters at 6,000 rpm. And some people wished for a smaller rear tire size so that better off-road tires could be substituted. So for 2010 Guzzi gave the Stelvio ABS brakes and different cams & intake system for broader power. Oh, and a $1000 price increase.

The real updates came in 2012 with the NTX version. Here Guzzi added the popular aluminum saddlebags, aluminum skid plate, hand guards, a larger windscreen, 150mm-wide rear tire, 8½ gallon gas tank, engine safety bars, and driving lights. And a lot of things just got sweeter. The bike seems more refined & smoother and every little point of contact seems better. In fact, our best customers for NTX are people with 2009 Stelvios. I wouldn’t go so far as to say the newer version is better. The 2009 Stelvio is kind of Guzzi’s hotrod, having a bit more horsepower, a more aggressive powerband, a bit more character, it’s noticeably lighter, and a bit rough around the edges. Ya pays your money and you take your choices. But in all seriousness, I’d say more people are going to be happy with the NTX; just not everybody.

So how does it stack up against the competition? Well, Motorcycle Consumer News raved about the NTX and as soon as their road test was published, the Guzzi became the standard by which subsequent adventure-touring bikes were compared. Yes, it’s heavy, but we don’t see broken swingarms or blown-up rear drives. And no, the Stelvio doesn’t have cruise control. Sorry. But it’s known to be extremely comfortable, talks to you nicely, and is very reliable. It’s certainly not as off-road oriented as a KTM or BMW GS Adventure, but it works well on a forestry road. Our only bugaboo has been shorts in the driving lights. We add fuses now to every new Stelvio to better protect important circuitry.

Range used to be our Achilles’ heel but no longer. The NTX gets better mileage than the first Stelvio. Coupling that with the huge gas tank and you have a potential range of over 400 miles. Yes, customers report into the 30s but also over 50 mpg.

The biggest surprise is always the handling. The Stelvio is far lighter steering and far more fun to crank into a corner than people suspect. Why? Because the crankshaft’s center line is about 1¼” above the transmission’s to position the engine’s weight higher. Higher? I’ll bet we all thought low center of gravity was preferred! But for a motorcycle at road speed, having the engine mass closer to the roll center (think like an airplane) means that it takes less leverage (strength) to lift the bottom of the engine to the (as an example) right side in order to lower the top of the bike into a left turn. This really works! 


Dave Richardson

Named after the famous Alpine pass that connects Valtelline Valley to Vinschgau Valley with 84 amazing s-bends between them, the Stelvio 1200 NTX brings together Guzzi character with state-of-the-art performance and design. The Stelvio has reached a new level thanks to the technical and functional upgrades on the new Stelvio 1200 NTX.

It all starts with design. The Guzzi design team has streamlined the Stelvio by rounding off the fuel tank and integrating it with the lightweight half-fairing. The new half-fairing improves wind protection and flows seamlessly into the twin headlight assembly. The latter feature is a distinctive element of the Stelvio design, and the only detail inherited from the previous version.

The front fairing, windscreen and the half-fairing with integrated turn signals are all brand new elements that together, give the front-end of the Stelvio 8V a cutting-edge look. It has an original design, but it is above all more functional and versatile, qualities that are of the utmost importance in the Adventure Touring segment.

The styling compared to the previous version: more efficient aerodynamic protection, thanks to the new top fairing and practically twice fold range capacity thanks to the outstanding new fuel tank with a 32 litre record capacity.

The heart that beats inside this touring bike is the renowned V-shaped 90° transverse twin-cylinder "Four valve" engine, the highest performer among all the families of engines manufactured at Mandello del Lario, which has now reached exclusive levels as far as its technical/performance development is concerned.

This latest version can boast the careful attention paid to achieve a more silent and smooth running of the engine, whilst tweaking the electronic control, timing system and cooling system. The brand new integrated ignition and injection ECU now exploits the signals sent by the two lambda probes to guarantee adequate feeding throughout the entire combustion cycle, improving response to the throttle control, low-to-mid-range power delivery further to consumptions and emissions. The ECU also includes the ATC system to prevent sliding: this system controls ignition advance and injection to cut torque delivery whenever a sudden loss of grip is detected so as to help the rider to remain in control under extreme, unexpected conditions. The system can be deactivated, just like ABS.

The engine now boasts a maximum torque of over 83 foot-pounds delivered at a mere 5,800 rpm and easily reaches a peak horsepower of 105 HP at 7,250 rpm.


I just love my Moto Guzzi NTX. As a previous owner of a Moto Guzzi Griso I already was ennamoured with the character and style of this iconic and unique brand of motorcycles. You cannot manufacture heritage and soul overnight. It is the privilege of long lineage and Moto Guzzi has it. Being part of this family of owners is something special that you immediately feel upon saddling up on one of these beautiful machines.

The Stelvio NTX has added one more dimension to this beautiful experience. The freedom and balance of comfort and power of this motorcycle is truly something exhilerating no matter how bad the road to your destination gets. It glides you to whatever destination you set in your sights with ease and purpose. It is nimble and surefooted in the tightest paved hairpins like a racer. Its height and might gives you a commanding view of the road ahead and its balanced technological simplicity makes you feel confident all the while to adventure off the grid without hesitation, especially given the security of the huge fuel tank that guarantees you long autonomy from nearby gas stations. I just love to get lost with this bike. I also love the attention you get from everyone, riders or not, because of its unmistakable presence and character. A real headturner that will make you grin with happiness even when sitting still in your garage, inciting you to plan your next adventure ride. Just get one! You know you want to be happy, no?

Giorgio Pranzo


I bought my Stelvio from Moto International in 2013 and so far have done around 24,000 very enjoyable miles. The bike is working out great for me, whether it comes to short weekend rides or long distance touring. 

The bike is just stunning in terms of the look, especially the burnt orange model. It was designed by Miguel Galluzzi, one of the best motorcycle designers in the world. They say “If you can park it and not turn around to admire it before walking away, you bought the wrong one”. After more than two years of owning the bike I still pause to admire it. I liked that bike from the moment I saw it. Back in 2012 I had other bikes on my radar. Then I came across a review of Stelvio in the Rider magazine, and I was instantly intrigued. First by the looks of the bike and the review, later by everything else I read about Stelvio, and Moto Guzzi motorcycles in general. Moto International was offering a fly & ride promotion. I took advantage of the opportunity to do some riding in the Pacific Northwest and then ride it home to Vermont. I took a chance and bought my bike without ever riding a foot on a Moto Guzzi bike. I am really glad I took this gamble to buy a bike based on the looks and the reviews/experiences of other riders because it quickly became my favorite bike to ride from my growing collection of bikes.

Moto Guzzi bikes are known for having character, and I get a lot of that from my Stelvio. You get a vast variety of noises and vibrations from the engine, depending on the speed, gear and the throttle level. A reviewer once said that Moto Guzzi should charge for the sound and I agree with that 100%. The grunt you get when accelerating up a steep hill in fourth gear is amazing. A mechanic told me once that Guzzi bikes like speed. This bike confirms that. At lower speeds there is a lot of shaking, vibrating and loud noises but once you get to that sweet spot around 85MPH, the whole thing just calms down, you get a nice humming sound, and it feels like you can cross the whole continent with no effort. It’s an interesting phenomenon because all other bikes I have ridden become buzzy and shake at high speeds, while this one does the opposite.

In terms of the cost, Stelvio is a great deal. It costs slightly less than a new GS, and it came with a nice set of adventure touring accessories that cost me almost $2,000 on my other bikes – auxiliary set of lights, hand protectors, bash plate, crash bars and side cases. The only money I spent on the extras was for heated grips  (a bargain compared to how much BMW charges) and a top case.

Considering the weight, the bike has excellent handling and is a lot of fun in twisties. The bike really shines when it comes to long distance riding. It’s the only bike for me that makes even long highways stretches enjoyable, partially because of the Guzzi character and how it behaves when ridden fast as I already described. The seat is very comfortable even for 12 hour rides, no need for a Corbin.

I found the staff at Moto International to be extremely knowledgeable, interesting, passionate, entertaining, and many other things. It’s a true, old-fashioned bike shop where most people that work there are also riders. I now make it my regular stop when I am in Seattle even if it’s not a motorcycle trip. They have been supporting me remotely with any questions, issues, supplying parts, etc.

Overall, I am extremely happy with my bike and the whole shopping experience. Since the first fly & ride cross-country trip home I have shipped the bike back to Moto International  for a service and rode it home to Vermont again. I plan to do that in the future whenever the timing is right. 

Roman Rehak

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