Our standard source for in-house financing (meaning that we deal with the financial institution on your behalf) is Sheffield. Typically we can work the entire process in an hour.

Lower rates can often be had from sources that require you to go to them. Among our favorites: Alaska USA Federal Credit Union, Verity Credit Union, Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union, and State Farm Bank (same as Insurance). In general, credit unions are more ‘bike friendly’ from what we hear than are the large commercial banks but there is no set rule. Often you’ll find that your relationship with the lender means a lot. The usual routine is that we provide you with a purchase order or fax/email one to your chosen lender. The purchase order relates you to us, to the bike, its price, and it’s VIN (serial number). Most of these lenders will process your loan in a single day. Here are lenders close to Moto International:

Alaska USA Federal Credit Union

8704 Greenwood Ave. N.

Seattle, WA


M-F 10-7, Sat 10-6, Sun 11-3

In Safeway

State Farm

3509 NE 45th Street

Seattle, WA 98105

M-F 9-5

Seattle Metropolitan Credit Union

303 NE Thorton Place

Seattle, WA 98125


Verity Credit Union

11027 Meridian Ave. N. – Suite 101

Seattle, WA 98133

M-F 9-6, Sat 9-1


As a sales incentive, manufacturers sometimes ‘buy down’ finance rates. When this happens, like rebates, the offer is for a specified time period, and most commonly in the fall or winter months. When we have special financing offers, you’ll read about them here.

One thing for sure, Moto International will never mark up the finance rate, which is an option sometimes available to dealers. We’re in the bike business, not the money lending business.