Your Store Next Door

In this tumultuous last decade, a lot of motorcycle dealerships have changed brands or stopped doing business altogether. Thinking about it, we realized that there are many more places with Aprilias and Moto Guzzis than there are with Aprilia and Moto Guzzi dealers. And then we thought about what it’s like to live far from a dealer and what an owner might need.

Sure, like many dealers, we display a selection of parts and accessories on our web site and we provide a means for ordering them. But the more we thought, the more things we came up with beyond this.

So yes, we have parts catalogs posted so you can either look things up yourself or contact us and we’ll do that for you. And when you find the part number and look up what you need on our web site, often you’ll find updates or substitutes under it listed as Related Products. Because some of you may need to service your bike at home, we posted convenient Tune-up Parts listings by year & model. And for many items, we provide with your purchase Help Sheets to assist you with installation.

In our Accessory section, you can sort by a category of items, by your bike’s model, or by both.

We also realized that our practice of providing complete out-the-door prices on new motorcycles only added confusion for customers in other states. We’d hear, “I live in Florida. Do I have to pay your exorbitant sales tax?” The answer was usually no. But to make that easier to understand, we have made separate listings for many bikes with the complete price Delivered to Your Door, meaning without tax and license fees but with shipping charges. And since many people have taken advantage of our Fly and Ride program, you’ll find a separate category with complete prices for the bike you pick up in Seattle and ride back home.

So like we say on our home page: We want to be your store next door. We’ve got a lot to offer. We have a lot more we want to do. We hope you’ll give us the opportunity to serve you!