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May 01

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Latest Tip - SportCity 250 fuel pump

by MOTO International


If you have a Sport City 250 scooter it could be due for a free replacement fuel pump, if it hasn't been done already. This is not warranty but instead a recall, so it doesn't matter how many years, miles or owners; it's still free parts & labor. If you think yours still needs this done, contact our service department with your bike's VIN (serial number). Calling's fine 206-297-3827 but it's better to email: to better insure we get the VIN down correctly.


2008 Sport City 250 VIN - ZD4VBC0038S000533 For fuel pump check. Current mileage is about 14800. Has stalled on me a few times in the past, but hasn't in quite a while.

BY: brianmorton on Jun 14, 2016 at 10:51am

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