Future Bikes & European Models


Future Bikes & European Models Not Listed For the US

Aprilia and Guzzi offer more models, colors, and variants of models in Europe than here. This leads to people talking about ‘bringing one over’ themselves or asking us to special-order what they really want. Unfortunately, we can only offer the bikes the manufacturers regularly offer here. As for bringing one in yourself, you’re most likely to be turned away by US Customs because a bike’s vehicle identification number (VIN) gives it away as not having been homologated for the US.

When new models are introduced, it’s almost always Europe first, then North America. Countries of the European Union share the same homologation, while ours is unique and time consuming. 

So how do we know if a new model is coming here? Other than no-brainers like the Aprilia 900s, we learn like dealers do for most brands of cars and bikes: we attend a new-model dealer meeting or get an email with details. As much as we know for certain will always appear in our bikes for sale listings. When we get news, you’ll read about it there. And if you want notifications when new information appears about a particular model, just let us know with an email to sales@motointernational.com.