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Fly and Ride: Your adventure starts here!

When we introduced our Fly and Ride program back in 2009, we didn’t envision it as anything more than us helping customers get here to ride their new bikes home. But our ingenious customers have shown us many variations. Some buy in the fall and ride home in the spring (although we've also had new bikes ridden to San Diego and Miami in November and Nevada in December!). One customer had 5 friends ship their bikes here to ride back home with him on his new Guzzi. Customers from Switzerland and Tasmania have flown here, ridden their bikes for a summer, stored them for 9 months, and then returned to continue their adventures. Some have flown in and rode, then flown home and had their bikes shipped back. So now, all of this is Fly and Ride to us, along with non-Fly and Ride scenarios such as customers just buying a bike and having it shipped to them, or buying a bike from Western Canada that we bring up to the border and accompany them through the export/import process. Maybe you have your own variation!

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