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Fly and Ride: Your adventure starts here!

When we introduced our Fly and Ride program back in 2009, we didn’t envision it as anything more than us helping customers get here to ride their new bikes home. But our ingenious customers have shown us many variations. Some buy in the fall and ride home in the spring (although we've also had new bikes ridden to San Diego and Miami in November and Nevada in December!). One customer had 5 friends ship their bikes here to ride back home with him on his new Guzzi. Customers from Switzerland and Tasmania have flown here, ridden their bikes for a summer, stored them for 9 months, and then returned to continue their adventures. Some have flown in and rode, then flown home and had their bikes shipped back. So now, all of this is Fly and Ride to us, along with non-Fly and Ride scenarios such as customers just buying a bike and having it shipped to them, or buying a bike from Western Canada that we bring up to the border and accompany them through the export/import process. Maybe you have your own variation!

Here's a sampling of the many ways you can Fly and Ride. 

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(Plain old normal) Fly and Ride: Fly to Seattle and buy a current model year bike from us and we'll reimburse you up to $300 for coach airfare. And schedule permitting, we'll pick you up at the airport.

Fly and Ride... eventually: You can buy in the fall or winter, for example, when prices are best and we'll store your bike for free in our locked & alarmed garage until you ride it home in the spring. And usually we can delay registering your purchase until you pick the bike up, thereby preserving the full two-year warranty.

Fly and Ride... then fly home: You can fly in and ride your new bike around here, then return it to us to be shipped to your home or any other destination. 

Fly and Ride... and continue your trip next year: We've had new bike purchasers travel part of the west one year, store their bike, and then continue their adventure the next year.

Fly with your buddies... and Ride: Your riding buddy (or buddies) can ship their bikes to us so that they can accompany you on your ride home. 

Don't fly... but still ride: OK, this isn't really a Fly and Ride variation but over 3 dozen customers have purchased bikes long distance and had their new ride shipped to them.

Meet us at the Canadian Border... then ride home: Again, not a true Fly and Ride but we have over 30 customers in Canada whom for each we brought their bike to the border and accompanied them through the export-import process. We prepare all the necessary paperwork as part of the purchase at no charge. The total additional cost for buying from us rather than a Canadian dealer has been about $230CDN.


Why come to the Northwest? Every state has its amenities. Here, we have the open ocean, calm inland waters, lakes of all sizes, rivers of all sizes, several mountain ranges, 5 volcanoes, forest roads forever, and everything from a desert to a rain forest.  

Why Fly and Ride? Chances are, Seattle is a long way from where you live and this is a great opportunity to get your new bike, explore the northwest, and not have to ride a long ways in both directions.  

Yeah but how about the lousy weather there? Seattle’s average yearly rainfall is 36.2” and you’d be surprised how many US cities have more. But our summers are rarely hot and our winters rarely cold or icy. Storms and humidity almost never bother us.

What to see? The following map highlights a few points of interest. Click a picture for more information. And if all this is too tame & regular for you, go here.

We've had people ride bikes home to many states & provinces:


Ready to start your adventure?

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