Dave Richardson

Dave Richardson


Dave Richardson


Hi I'm Dave Richardson.

I got into bikes as a teenager and found a cherished place in the world. No matter what else occupies my time, pulling on my helmet brings me back to my familiar yet always new two-wheeled world. If I want a little solitude, nothing gets me there faster than a motorcycle or scooter – you're not reaching me with an email or cell phone 'til I stop!

Riding is a five-senses experience. You see the world without the edges of a car windshield. You smell the sweet alfalfa in that farmer's field. You feel the coolness as the road sweeps behind a shady hill. You hear the engine work a little harder to pass a car on an uphill. And you taste those rich, ripe blackberries you picked while stopping at a vista you only dreamed existed.

Afterwards, the mind contemplates the total experience. Road racing showed me the exhilaration of speed and the difficulty of being smooth, fast, and precise. Hundred-mile desert races tested skill, endurance, and determination. Trials combined grace with skill. Touring connected me to vast areas. And my scooter let me ride with less focused urgency than my motorcycle.

But no matter what I ride and where I ride it, the experience rings familiar: as soon as I start out, it's as if I've been holding my breath and now I can finally breathe again!

I know there are aspects of riding we all share and others that are more unique. Whatever. It's a great joy in any form and one we all wish to share with you.

Some tell us that Moto International is a throwback to long-gone motorcycle shops. Well, that's probably because as a kid I would ride my bicycle to the old Seattle shops (Budschat's, Dewey's, Drager's, Pat's Top Hat, Poke's, The BMW Center, Tom Hines) and there established in my mind what a motorcycle shop looks like. No matter how sophisticated, motorcycles remain elemental devices, so motorcycle shops should be elemental as well. And I think a motorcycle shop should be about motorcycles. When you walk in our door, the first thing you see are bikes, not a sea of black T-shirts! And if you can hear an engine roar and smell a little oil smoke in the air, all the better.

My philosophy is best summed up by the Latin phrase "Sibi Totique," which means "for self and others." We're here to make a living and we're here to serve you, and it all revolves around scooters and motorcycles!