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John Connors

Boston, MA

December 2011: I had been keeping a close eye on MI's inventory on "leftover" bikes for a few weeks now and I spoke with Dave Richardson about purchasing one of these beauties. Low and behold, I was able to give myself a belated Christmas present and bought a 2008 Moto Guzzi Norge! I was so very excited to take part in the "Fly and Ride" program and Dave assured me traveling all the way from Boston to Seattle was by far the furthest someone has actually ridden a bike after they bought it! 

So, after I calmed down from the "buyer's remorse" ;) I was assembling a small group to accompany me on my journey home. During the planning the local MG group suggested, "While you're already on the West Coast, why not head for Alaska?" Sure sounds like a great plan! However, they informed me that en route to Hyder the Guzzi Dealer network was few and far between, for the standard 600 mile check and oil change. Dave gladly informed me that his staff would be happy to get the mileage up to the required 600 prior to my arrival in July, What Service!!! 

Upon my arrival to Seattle in July of 2012 all 5 of the other's bikes were shipped to MI and checked prior to our departure. In Seattle, I was greeted by several wonderful people all sharing the same passion, riding motorcycles! What a great group of people. The morning we all arrived at Moto International we were greeted by Dave and his excellent staff, all willing to give us all very helpful hints and tips of soon to be Cross Country Adventure.

Needless to say, Dave and his staff were thorough and extremely helpful with not only the purchase and maintenance of my new Norge, but also the maintenance of all of group’s bikes as well. 

After nearly 7,000 miles of travel, we all made it back home safe and sound. Aside from new tires and fluids, the bikes all ran flawlessly!

I would highly suggest taking advantage of MI's "Fly and Ride" program not only to purchase a new bike but also to ride around the Pacific Northwest; it is truly an amazing place!

Thank you Moto International all for all of your hospitality and encouraging words!



John Connors

71' Ambo

08' Norge

part of this country.




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